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技术特点 技术参数

XGreen  Solid Insulation Ring Main Unit


To positively response the country’s energy-saving and emission reduction plan, reduce pollution and damage of SF6 greenhouse gas decomposition to the environment, Boer introduces the foreign latest technology products. Xgreen ring main unit (RMU), produced under the brand of Sydenham, is a new generation of green environmental
product, and also the best choice to replace the SF6 class non-green environmental protection network switch equipment.
The product is famous for its high operation safety and modern design, simple and compact concept. It can provide the whole interval of 2~6 units, good extensibility and perfect solution to meet dierent customers’ actual needs.
XGreen ring network unit is suitable for the 12/24kV,630,20/25 kA and lower medium-voltage and low-voltage power distribution system, such as ring network power supply, small capacity power distribution room, double radiation power supply, secondary power distribution of cable feeder network.


Maintenance Free 
All the primary electriferous components are installed in the sealed pressure structure, which eectively prevent the operation
of ring main unit aected by dust, moisture and any other adverse environmental factor, and also avoid sealed panel deformation
resulted from long-term pressure and damage of the gas chamber, completely realize full insulation and whole sealing.

Simple and Compact
■ It is one of the smallest products in similar RMU
■ The standard solution is vacuum load switch and vacuum circuit breaker.
■ Instrument room can be added.

Safe and Reliable
■ Optional electric operation fault indicator.
■ Visual insulation and internal arc design.
■ Three positions are for switches, mechanical locking can be realized.
■ Reliable indicator position.
■ Realized Electric Operation.
■ There are special pressure relief channels behind the cabinet.
■ which can release pressure effectively if failure occurs, to ensure personal safety.