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技术特点 技术参数

On Line-NLE  Series of Low-Voltage Molded Case Circuit Breaker




■ Perfect functions
- Protec t ion: complete protec t ion func t ions to provide comprehensive and reliable protection
- Breaking: highest 100KA breaking capacity to meet various needs
- Isolation: with the function of isolation to bring you visible security
- Control: with various operations forms to meet manipulation requirements

Complete installation and connection forms and accessories bring you convenience, installation easy to maintain, then all your installation needs can be satis ed.

■ 7 frame current speci cations, 17 kinds of rated current, 4 kinds of breaking capacity, only 5 dimensions.
■ Leakage protection components are built-in, which make dimensions of leakage circuit breaker same with those of power dstribution breaker. Save 30% installation space.
■ More standard hole dimensions bring you easily standardized products and upgrade.
■ All parts are made of recyclable green materials to meet requirements of energy saving and emission reduction
■ All accessories are modular design, easy repair, maintenance and upgrade.
■ The electronic tripper can choose communication options, so as to meet the hardware requirements of the smart grid. Protection urrent is adjustable; its protection features are not inuenced by the environment.