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Sydenham (Wuxi) Switch Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company established in 2011 with mutual investment by Boer Power and Sydenham, location in Yixing, Wuxi Province, focusing on production of MV and LV switchgears and distribution assemblies below 40.5KV.
The company applies advanced technology in circuit breaker and switchgear manufacturing, combined with 20 years rich experience in manufacturing, production, design and R&D of distribution assemblies that brings the latest series of products. Products are designed to provide a high reliability and safety of guarantee, with the adaptation of high-tech measurement and protection technology which provide easy-installed human-machine interface and convenient communication system to meet the requirement of remote and real-time control of distribution system.
The company has equipped with advanced facilities, such as vacuum circuit breaker detecting production line, LV circuit breaker production line, SMT pick & place machine, laser cutting machine, boring-milling machining center, CMM and other precise processing and inspection equipments. The products have been designed by 3D software program, ERP system has been used for manufacturing management. The company has a dedicated R&D team that always adheres to the strategy of “being innovated”.
By integration of advanced technology and localized manufacturing experience, the joint venture company can provide safety guarantee of MV/LV distribution systems that meet all important standards and specifications in China market. Sydenham (Wuxi) will serve all customers with excellent quality and warm service by our 360°Operation Service System!